Edward Felten: Hollywood Controlling Parts of Windows Vista Design

Edward Felten is describing in this August 2005 article published on his "Freedom to tinker" blog how Hollywood is pushing DRM into Windows Vista:

    Hollywood Controlling Parts of Windows Vista Design A recent white paper (2MB Word file) from Microsoft details the planned “output content protectionâ€Ý in the upcoming Windows Vista (previously known as Longhorn) operating system product. It’s a remarkable document, illustrating the real costs of Hollywood’s quest to redesign the PC’s video hardware and software.

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If you now think that you're safe because you "only" use Windows XP, you should reconsider:

    First shipped in April 1999, the Windows Media DRM platform is widely deployed by content providers and is already installed on over 500 million desktops. More than 50 different music and video services are using Windows Media DRM today, which has powered tens of millions of transactions to date.
    (from the Windows Media DRM FAQ)

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